As a result of better insulation the summer heat is warming buildings, often far beyond the comfortable limit of 25 ° C. In many situations this warmth is unpleasant or even undesirable, for example in the office, at school but also in health care. SolabCool can provide you with cool summers in your building by means of adsorption, thus there is no need for the use of electric air conditioning in the building that increases electricity consumption and CO ² emissions. In many standard type air conditioning systems Freon is used that will be banned in the near future. SolabCool offers sustainable and efficient cooling at a lower cost.

Key Benefits SolabCool

  • Increased comfort in buildings by proper cooling.
  • Growing demand for sustainable cooling.
  • A compact system.
  • Use available energy.
  • Improving the energy performance of your home.
  • Less CO2 emissions from waste heat and / or solar collectors.
  • Cooling at a lower cost.
  • Installation is possible per building or per costumer.

Energy Performance Coefficient

In the Netherlands there are requirements on the energy consumption in buildings from the EPC (Energy Performance Coefficient). This arises from the European directive (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, EPBD). Energy saving measures lead to a lower EPC.

New buildings

In order to promote living comfort it is to be expected that a large part of the future new homes will be equipped with cooling systems. This way a pleasant temperature can be achieved in your home any season. To get a building permit new homes must currently meet an EPC of 0.6. It is expected that from 2015 the standard is set at 0.4. The use of district heating ensures a significant reduction in the EPC value.

In combination with

SolabCool is universally applicable and ideal for cooling homes. In combination with a heating network, solar energy combined heat and power can achieve a new dimension in sustainable and efficient cooling.


The SolabChiller is a unique sorbent because of its price, compactness and suitability for homes. The SolabChiller is placed outside. Because water is used as coolant, the system can easily contact to the active heating or radiators; a radiator with a fan. Existing heating radiators can be adjusted with an simple procedure. Each room obtains a pleasant temperature.