The SolabChiller is a unique and pioneering sorbent system; it is suitable because of its price, compactness and the adaptability for homes. Depending on the type of building a selection can be made for a maximum power of 2.5 kW and 5 (nominally 2 or 4 kW). The SolabChiller is placed outside. Because water is used as coolant system it is possible to connect to the floor heating system of active radiators; a radiator with a fan. Existing heating radiators can be easily adjusted. Each room obtains a pleasant temperature.

For larger scale capacities (for example office) there is the SolabCascade.

The SolabChiller is unique in the way that cooling is generated. The SolabCool technology uses heat to provide cooling. The thermal efficiency of the SolabChiller (COPth) is 0.6. This means that 1 kWh of heat, produces 0.6 kWh cooling. In addition to heat a small amount of electricity is needed to run the SolabChiller.

Sustainable cooling

The energy required to run SolabChiller can be obtained from renewable sources. This means that it is possible to obtain cooling that is both "Durable and economical". For example, the solar energy’s heat can be used to provide cooling. The simultaneous availability of solar energy and the need for cooling trough high solar radiation make the SolabChiller energy efficient.

Sustainable cooling

The total CO2 emissions from air conditioning is substantial and growing. Because SolabChiller uses the excess heat of solar energy it offers the comfortable cool temperatures with minimal CO2 emissions. The materials used in the SolabChiller are environmentally friendly.

Experience speaks for itself

Of course, we can tell you why you need to enable sustainable cooling, but experience and completed projects say much more. Therefore, you will find some more examples of our work under Projects.


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