SolabCool applications

The world needs energy. The awareness is beginning to emerge everywhere that energy can be applied more efficiently and that more use should be made of renewable energy sources. Utilization of waste heat is an ultimate tool for efficient use of energy.

SolabCool is universally applicable, ideal for cooling homes and buildings. Combined with the heat from solar energy a new dimension in sustainable and efficient cooling is achieved.

The sustainability makes SolabCool, the ideal cooling system for customers who care for a 'green' future.

District heating

Cooling in the summer

Cooling in the summerMaximizing energy efficiency by optimally utilizing residual heat.

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Solar energy

Cooling from the sun

Cooling from the sunUsing heat from solar collectors with virtually no CO2 emissions or additional costs.

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Combined heat / power

Cooling with waste heat

Cooling with waste heatThe use of waste heat is an excellent way to utilize energy more efficiently.

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